Por: Marcela Cruz 

''Love life and life will love you back.'' - Arthur Rubinstein

Love life when you have a flat tire and have to get out of your car in the midday sun and you're in a hurry

Love life when the only thing left to eat is half a chopped onion in your fridge and a can of tuna

Love life when you wish upon a million things but there's only a couple quarters in your pocket

Love life when you feel drained of giving to others without receiving

Love life when you're caged in 4 gray colored walls

Because when you love life in those moments

Life gives you a friend who will seek you out and change your flat tire when you have no idea what to do

Life gives you a call saying "want to come over and join me for dinner?"

Life shows you the million things you already have in hand and that million people out there don't

Life will give you overflowing rivers of joy if you're willing to see

Life will hand you a paper and pencil for you to write your heart out and set yourself in freedom.